Herencia Cultural Cubana

Herencia Cultural Cubana (HCC) is a not-for-profit organization established in the State of Florida, United States of America, on January 22, 1994 for the purpose of studying, preserving and disseminating Cuban history and culture prior to 1959. Our mission is to share our rich patrimony and legacy with all Cubans, present and future. “Herencia” magazine, published for over 18 years, is our most important voice.

HCC organizes and offers a range of conferences and symposiums throughout the year, where Cuba, and its various facets, is the main subject. In addition, we interact with children and youth through Herencia Kids, so that they, too, will learn of their Cuban legacy. We also participate in local events such as the Miami Book Fair and Cuba Nostalgia.

HCC rewards those who have excelled in their work for Cuba with their Premio Herencia. The Premio Libertad, awarded every other year, is the most prestigious we bestow and it is presented to a person who has performed extraordinary work as a Cuban and for his country. It is presented during the Gala de Noche Azul.

As a non-profit organization we obtain operational funds through our members and donors, as most of our cultural activities are offered free to the public.

We invite you to become a member or donor of our organization at the Palmas de Herencia levels, so that you, also, may participate with us in sharing our rich patrimony, allowing us to continue this important work for the future of our nation.


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Words from the President

Nations are born from a series of actions and historical events that ultimately define it as such. They are often brought about by a vision, and in many cases, thanks to the sacrifice of individuals who conceived goals and fought to attain them. Through this historic process, a nation acquires its own culture which defines it as a unique social group. It is thus that it also becomes a people, with its own customs and traditions.

This website is about our Cuban patrimony. It explores our heritage, history and culture: what makes us Cuban. It is this patrimony we wish to define and establish, so to speak, in order to safeguard it for the Cuban people. It includes and addresses all Cubans, regardless of where they live. It seeks to establish a communications network among us, to consolidate our awareness of who we are, and reaffirm the concept that we are but one people, united by our common history and heritage.

We invite you to come with us on this passionate adventure in our intense discovery of self and our history. We invite all, and all are welcome.

Most sincerely,

Luis Méjer Sarrá

President, HCC