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We are a non-profit organization established in Miami, Florida, United States of America, on January 22, 1994, with the purpose of educating, preserving and promoting the cultural and historical values of the Cuban Nation for present and future generations.

Wherever Cubans or their descendants reside, we all share a rich cultural legacy and heritage that we must share and have the responsibility to conserve and care for, as a link in our history and identity.

Herencia Digital Magazine

We distribute three numbers to our Membership every year. The latest number is related with May 20th, 1902. Is currently on the editorial process. You can see the picture above. If you want to become a member click in the button below the picture.


Your Membership include access to 3 numbers of our Magazine and 10 years of digital content FREE of charge.

Paperback Magazines

We also published our Magazine on paper format. If you want to check it out click on the button below the image.

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Coleccion Herencia Cultural Cubana

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