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We are a non-profit organization established in Miami, Florida, United States of America, on January 22, 1994, with the purpose of educating, preserving and promoting the cultural and historical values of the Cuban Nation for present and future generations.

Wherever Cubans or their descendants reside, we all share a rich cultural legacy and heritage that we must share and have the responsibility to conserve and care for, as a link in our history and identity.

Legacy of Herencia Cultural Cubana

Words of the Founder and Chairman.
What will you bequeath to future generations?
How will the ideals you cherish now be sustained then?
Who will articulate your principles for the sake of your grandchildren?
Faith, your community, your country?
Herencia with your help, will endure.

A powerful voice sustaining those truths you hold dear and
Always living our history
“Herencia keeps alive a treasured past and lays
The path toward a brighter future”.
Countries and  races disappeared only when they forget their history, where enraptured in the present, they do not remember that their glorious past, courage, fortitude and faith are a
Necessity now more than ever, if we are to defend the freedom of our God given land.

Dr Alberto Sanchez de Bustamante y Parajon

Herencia Magazine New Number

Herencia has been publishing Herencia Magazine for over 30 years. Every year we distribute three numbers in paperback format through our membership. Our articles are written in Spanish and English and contain photos, charts, tables and more to better illustrate our message. We also, have several magazines in digital format that can be accessed once you become a member. If you are interested click on the button above “Become a member”, our membership is only $50.00 and last for one year. 


Herencia Cultural Cubana is committed to preserve, promote and expose the History of Cuba from the Republic 1902 up to 1959. 

We published three Magazines every year with articles, letters, and much more. These articles are packed with photos, graphics, charts and relevant information. If you want to read them we suggest to sign up for our Annual Membership, is only $50.00. We will send the numbers to the address you provided.

Paperback Magazines

Herencia Magazine is published every year thanks to the contributions of our donors, members and staff.

We published three numbers yearly in paperback format and distribute to our membership by regular mail. 

We also have several past editions of our magazine that you can acquire through our Website. You don’t need to become a member to buy them. We offer FREE SHIPPING. If you are interested click the button below the image above. 

Cuba The Possible Dream Special Edition Magazine

Monthly Digital Newsletter

Premio Herencia

“Premio Herencia” is awarded to personalities for his contribution to the work of the Cuban cultural heritage and in the rescue of Cuba.

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