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Jose Marti in Tampa: 20 Documented Visits (1891-1894) (Herencia Cultural Cubana Book 8) by Emiliano J. Salcines




This well written booklet by retired Magistrate Judge Emiliano J. Salcines, “Jose Marti in Tampa (1891-1894)”, depicting the years Cuban patriot Jose Marti lived in Tampa, Florida, is surely a legacy to those who revered and admired the Cuban patriot. Jose Marti, who died in Cuba on May 19, 1895, spent the last four years before his death in Tampa, Florida, fundraising to finance Cuba’s war against Spain primarily by talking to cigar manufacturers (tabaqueros) about the importance of a free Cuba and by writing about and motivating others to join the cause, either by contributing funds or by joining the expeditions to fight for a free Cuba. Judge Salcines, who was born in Tampa, Florida from Spanish parents has dedicated part of his brilliant career to studying and promoting Jose Marti’s life, especially his last four years in Tampa. These magnificent pages bring us a greater perspective of Marti’s journey in the last few years leading up to his death.

Eloy Cepero, Editor