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Two Cuban musicians who impacted New York City from the 1940’s to the 1990’s (Grandes Leyendas del Mundo Book 4) por Annie Basulto



Pedro Telleria emigrated to the USA during the 30’s. Armando Sanchez, arrived in New York during the 40’s. Both never though their musical history could be converted in a book. Thanks to the extensive research and hard work of his great great children Mrs. Annie Basulto, who found all the musical trajectory about this great musician. Telleria performed in the best clubs from New York to Miami, where he retired and lived for many years.

Armando Sánchez’s daughter, was able to compiled all the musical trajectory of this musician. Armando performed at the best latino veneus from Chicago to New York, were he passed away after traveled from Central America and the Carribbean.

Pedro Telleria arrived with Don Azpiazu Orchestra “Havana Casino” in New York in 1930. He was one of the first latino musicians in the USA. After he formed his orchestra, he performed at several venues in New York such as: “Tavern on the Green” in Central Park, which exists today. In Miami he played at the famous “Book Club” in North Miami and others. He retired in Miami Beach and passed away in 1973.

Armando Sánchez organized the 2nd oldest charanga in the USA in Chicago in 1956. This charanga was named “Nuevo Ritmo”. After few years he moved to New York and formed another group called “Son de La Loma”, which became famous thanks to Harry Belafonte, who invited them to play music in the documentary “Roots of Rhytm”. During his lifetime Armando received many awards in Chicago and New York. One of this awards was “The People’s Hall of Fame”, awarded from the Mayor of the City.